Guiding principles. Why do you do what you do?

I’ve been reading Ray Dalio’s book Principles over the last few days. It talks about Ray’s principles and experiences of building Bridgewater Associates into one of the most successful hedge funds in history. It dissects his life and work principles which is a fascinating read. Rays humility and open mindedness is what makes him interesting. For overachievers I highly recommend picking up his book to get into the deep psyche of someone as extraordinary as Ray and to learn from his wisdom and principles. Both in investing and in life. 

Your goals and ambitions lie just on the other side of consistently showing up

Nothing special. No incredible lifehack or productivity booster. Just plain old consistent work that eventually snowballs into some incredible results.We are an instant gratification generation. We want things now. We want things to happen fast. But sometimes we need to be patiently impatient to be able reach our highest goals and ambitions.

Life is easy

I’m taking a small break over the holiday season, and wanted to part with something a bit more personal to close out the year. If you are here just for design stuff feel free to skip this weeks post. On Verse I write about improving as a designer, advancing your career, learning new techniques, being happy, positivity, freelancing and it’s all interesting but the overarching theme is I want you to lead a life of growth but also a life that you enjoy.

Following your curiosity and scratching your own creative itch

How many of us have wondered when working on commercial projects that feels like sometimes it’s just not our best work? That some how the output we created could’ve been better if we had just a bit more time, or if the client had moved in a different direction or you had a great idea that was not appropriate to the project audience and goals. I know I did during my agency days. So I always tinkered and made things on the side, and this curiosity to continually try new things has led to a lot of different opportunities. Plus it was just fun as fuck to tinker. For me I never stop trying getting better, your only as good as your last project they say. So I have this curiosity to always try to keep learning new things and to get better.

If you could make anything, what would be the best piece of work that you could create today?