The best investment you can make according to Warren Buffett

Outside of design I like to read and watch a lot of marketing and business videos, books, articles and interviews etc. I seek a lot of inspiration in my work from people outside of the web/app/product design field. I find that once you hit a level of proficiency with your craft it is important to diversify your influences so that you can have a varied view to problem solving. Don’t drink from the same well of inspiration as everyone else and that is how you can stand out. Recently I came across the above video, and in it lays a wonderful quote/lesson by one of the world’s greatest businessmen and investors – Warren Buffett.

Invest in yourself as much as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far. You have all kinds of potential.


One of the greatest investors of our time. And according to him the greatest thing we can invest in for our happiness, our wealth, our health, our relationships is ourselves.  It’s not the stock of some booming company. Or some equity from Snap, Facebook pre IPO ;) But ourselves. 


Now what fascinates me most about Buffett is not his wealth (there’s a lot of rich people in the world) but from the way he carries himself. For a billionaire you’d think he’d live in opulence, have an estranged relationship with his family and kids, compromise his values for the dollar. You know, be the cliche archtype. But instead you find a humble man who still resides in the first modest house he bought in Omaha, Nebraska for $31,500 in 1958. “My life couldn't be happier. In fact, it'd be worse if I had six or eight houses. So, I have everything I need to have, and I don't need any more because it doesn't make a difference after a point.” From his HBO documentary ‘becoming Warren Buffett’ you can see the solid relationships he has with his family. They’re not fucked up or sucked in by the trappings of wealth and fame. His fortune was a by product of his journey and passion for numbers and investing, he enjoyed the game. The man is worth ~$62 billion. Yet he seems to be unaffected by the trappings of what society expects of him, the big house, the private jet, the yatch, private islands etc. That’s a self aware motherf*cker and I respect that. 

Sometimes we are too busy going through the motions of our day to day lives. Sucked in to the mundane tasks of everyday routines that we forget to carve time to invest in ourselves. We need to grow and keep investing in our education and improvement – be 1% better everyday. Read books, watch videos, exercise, do courses, connect with mentors, meditate, be kinder, be more compassionate, ...don’t stop learning and investing in yourself as a person.  

Formal education will make you a living; self- education will make you a fortune



Investing in ones self is also about heightening one’s self awareness. What the fuck do you want to do? Who are you? What is your purpose? Your why? 

Navigate your life in line with who you want to be and invest in it. Want to be a millionaire? Invest in learning more about business, sales and marketing. Invest in launching a side hustle business. Grow it, fail or succeed and learn from it. Want to live a richer happier life? Practice gratitude and do more of what gives your life a spark. What ever your what is, invest in it. 

Exercise beats the shit out of me. But the temporary pain is worth it, to build strength, speed, mental resilience and how to handle adversity. And the high at the end. Within every repetition lies gradual improvement. Likewise such repetitions can be applied to our design careers. Build, launch and make things. Invest in new skills, sacrifice time from Netflix and design your dream project. 

Take a moment to be purposeful with what you invest your time in. Compounding your knowledge/wisdom/skill by 1% each day leads phenomenal growth in a lifetime. 

Go make the best investment decision of your life. Invest in yourself.