How to get your client and design team to be on the same page

This is part 3 of our 3 part series on design execution and the craft side of design. A few years ago I worked with a fellow Creative Director that implemented something interesting as part of his process that I really liked. And that was drafting a design vision document, one that was the result of deep collaboration with the client and the summarisation of key user insights and business objectives. Data from the discovery phase was then turned into a simple slide deck. What this does effectively is gets buy in from a client, a clear vision of where the project is going, but also a clear vision for the design team to work from. It’s that north star vision that we try to execute on and constantly refer back to. Are we achieving what we set out to do? It’s easy to get a myopic view of a project the longer you work on it, and to forget the high level stuff you were initially setting out to achieve. 

(I recommend watching it in fullscreen, looks whack when it bleeds into the white blog background)

Now not every job needs a vision doc, but if it’s a lengthy project I think it’s a great thing to implement into ones design process and workflow. As you are building out the design language, working on the product/site/app it’s great to expand the document and use it as a reference point. When you have something tangible that both the client and design team can point to and say this is what we are trying to do, really helps with the vision and the little execution steps needed to realise that vision. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case a doc is worth a thousands words. So rather than harp on too much you can view a sample video of the doc above to get some ideas about how I setup a presentation deck/design vision doc. I am currently adding more lessons to the Process Masterclass and am including Design Vision docs as part of the process. But I wanted to share it here as well, to keep providing value for you and sharing my knowledge.