Where is this ship sailing to? A designers journey

Two years ago on this day I handed in my resignation letter, and left the full-time agency world behind. And my how time has flown by. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. There are definitely things I miss about the agency life. I miss the people and the company culture. I miss the collaboration, the banter and the beers. I miss the client perks and some of the projects. I don’t miss waking up early on Mondays, time sheets, long arduous meetings about nothing, excessive documentation and crazy amounts of wireframing.

8 years of agency life and now I am just a solo wanderer. It really feels like this is the next chapter. I’ve gone solo for 2 years now, without much of a plan only to create work that I enjoyed doing and was proud of. And to make some great cash doing it. (I did say I would be honest on this blog haha) I love the freedom of choosing what to be able to do with my day. To play with my son when I want to, to not have to be arbitrarily locked into a schedule of 9–6pm and to get away from my desk when needed. Don’t get me wrong, I work alot sometimes. It’s definitely not easy and not for everybody. Over the last 3 weeks I’ve worked 12 hours daily, 6 days a week. It was a gruelling schedule but I love the process, I love the difficulty and to force myself not to procrastinate and to make things happen. I like to sprinkle these intense work sprints throughout the year. And then I take 2 months off go recharge and travel etc. Take random days off during the week and not think about too much. And then I’ll get back at it again.

This sort of flexible model of not being confined to an agencies schedule of 9–6, no dependencies and to be able to work on interesting projects that I’m passionate about is fulfilling. And to see my clients succeed is a great feeling.  I’ve also enjoyed being able to find time to write and to connect with so many of you. To be able to build up Verse and this community. It started with a few readers and now theres 2500 people it’s crazy.  About 7 months ago I also had the idea to create a design class that I first posted about on dribbble here. I get so many questions that it was a perfect opportunity to create a product that people wanted and something I was super passionate about – teaching and design. 

7 months later I’ve managed to ship a beta product. It’s a real business now – it has students and I’ve made money off it. I can’t wait to refine both the content and the product itself. All the interactions and the design. This is where I’m setting sail to as a solo wanderer, I’ve created so many large scale projects over the years for big clients with massive reach. Yet here I am applying all the same design principles for my own little digital product and just trying to make a little ruckus. To teach other designers everything I’ve learnt and to work on a product I can stand behind and really call my own. The rest of the year my primary focus will be iterating and improving the Process Masterclass. I can’t wait to share with you the journey and everything I learn along the way. Thanks for being a part of the ride.