Following your curiosity and scratching your own creative itch

How many of us have wondered when working on commercial projects that feels like sometimes it’s just not our best work? That some how the output we created could’ve been better if we had just a bit more time, or if the client had moved in a different direction or you had a great idea that was not appropriate to the project audience and goals. I know I did during my agency days. So I always tinkered and made things on the side, and this curiosity to continually try new things has led to a lot of different opportunities. Plus it was just fun as fuck to tinker. For me I never stop trying to get better, your only as good as your last project they say. So I have this curiosity to always try to keep learning new things and to get better.

If you could make anything, what would be the best piece of work that you could create today?

When I started out I specialised in flash and actionscript. It was fun and I loved it, but a part of me wanted to get better with design. So I kept practicing and immersing myself with the work of the people that I admired when I got home after my fulltime job.  If U had just focused on flash and development, and not scratched my own creative itch, I would’ve been out of a job eventually. When flash was no longer in demand I had already built a diverse skillset. Perhaps you want to learn more about video, 3D, AR,VR, entrepreneurship, chase your curiosity and learn more about it. Every new skillset that you learn will aid you in becoming a better designer.

Don’t be afraid to just create, a lot of it will be garbage. But amongst that garbage, something else is happening in the background you are learning some new skills. I create a lot of useless things on the side, I have a folder full of bits of half baked ideas. The starting was always easy, but the finishing was the hard part. There is one particular side project that I created which has led to a lot of opportunities. This one 

This project has inadvertently made me $200,000 through freelance projects. And it was also responsible for job offers that I had received from world class design agencies. I didn’t set out to create it for any of that. I created it because I was passionate about typography, Roger Federer, tennis and design, and I wanted to create an interesting concept that revolved around these passions. I scratched my own creative itch and followed my curiosity. So find your curiosity and keep investing in yourself it will lead you to interesting and unexpected places. Start working on side projects.   

I see my work as play. My whole career has been like that and as I am now embarking on an even bigger side project. I'll give you a hint what are reading on it. To build up Verse. You may not know but it takes me a long time to write articles because I’m not that proficient with writing yet. But I enjoy it (well most of the time – sometimes I really can't be fucked, particularly when nothing good comes to mind haha). But most importantly I like seeing it help others as I build an audience of interesting like minded individuals. 

I've put thousands of dollars into it worth of time and money building the Process Masterclass. I've designed so much for clients over the years that I wanted to create and build something for myself. To scratch that creative itch.  It's led me to shoot video, write, script, teach and shit I even had to install an SSL certificate myself for the first time. No more agency developers to do it for me. It's been a fun process. In the end I am just chasing my own curiosity and seeing where it takes me. Where will your curiosity take you?