Life is easy

I’m taking a small break over the holiday season, and wanted to part with something a bit more personal to close out the year. If you are here just for design stuff feel free to skip this weeks post. On Verse I write about improving as a designer, advancing your career, learning new techniques, being happy, positivity, freelancing and it’s all interesting but the overarching theme is I want you to lead a life of growth but more importantly a life that you'll enjoy and find fulfilling.

Sometimes we worry about too many mundane things that don’t matter much in the long run. Even I struggle with the internal fight of wanting more, because we’re conditioned to believe a bigger house is better, more money is better, a bigger business is better. Until you take a step back and have the mindfulness to say hey all this shit really doesn’t mean fuck all in the grand scheme of things. That we are all passengers on this giant spinning rock flying through space, and advancing through time. So I try to find things and do things that are worthwhile and fun. For me doing fulfilling work is worthwhile. Learning new things is worthwhile. That obstacles and eustress is a part of living, and that balance is essential for a life well lead. That trying and failing is worthwhile. That spending time with people and connecting with people is worthwhile. That for many of us, hey life is easy – it’s our thoughts and societies expectations that overcomplicate things. To stop and appreciate everything that is going right in the here and now. There’s a lot of great little lessons in the above video, which I love and that life is easy.

I hope you have a wonderful break.