A behind the scenes video of me designing the Vault – Design Resource

As many Verse subscribers and Process students know I have been working on a resource of all my favourite design links/designers/resources/tools that have influenced me as a designer. I wanted to help this community with an overall resource that people could refer to as I get a many emails about books and articles I would recommend. So it was a great opportunity to offer more value to other designers, and really it was just an excuse for me to use Timmons_NY font by Matt Willey which I’d been hanging to use haha. Two birds with one stone.

Anyway as I started designing I decided to record the session. You can see how I approach some of my work and how I let things evolve with quick iterations. Missing from the video is some of the layout sketches I did in my notepad. But overall it's a sneakpeek into my process and how I get simple personal projects off the ground. I hope you gain something out of it. Everyone has their own approach so this is just a small window into how I do things. I hope you guys enjoy the resources.