The Manifesto

1. Help share knowledge about design, freelancing and the design industry.

2. Build an audience by being honest, transparent and help others by sharing resources and knowledge.

3. Build a personal brand and create a second stream of income that is independent from client work. More time to experiment and create things people can use and also learn from. 

4. Have an outlet to voice my opinions.

5. To create a challenge for myself as complacency leads to mediocrity. 

Funnily enough these were just key points that I jotted down and was going to extrapolate further, but then I realised it was perfect how it was. I took a page out of something I've always practiced with design ‘less is more’.

To all my subscribers I truly thank you for joining me on this crazy adventure. I don’t know where it's heading yet but I am appreciative and grateful for your time and hopefully I can help you in some way. I think being a designer is one of the best jobs in the world and to be able to create things for a living is very fulfilling. Even if it impacts just 1 person or a million, doing work you are proud of is essential.  As designers we are all very lucky.