Mentors = Growth

Mentors I’ve had throughout my career have been instrumental to my growth as a designer. They helped guide the way and gave me that little push that I needed to realise more of my potential. The moments where I was lost and didn’t know if I was good enough to be a designer, or how to improve my work, or whether or not I could quit my job and run my own business. I looked at my mentors who paved the way for so many of these big decisions and actions that I took. Both through their own actions and their advice.

UX Design – Storyboards, User Epics, User stories, User Research

The best designers I believe are the ones that are capable of thinking and executing across the spectrum of the design process. To look at things from a macro level – How does this product fit into a businesses product offering, brand and overall bottom line? And how does this product fit into the lives of the users and customers we are servicing? To also having the ability and the chops to execute on this information – implemented through sketches, wires, prototypes, visual design, testing, iterating, collaborating and launching. To get that balance of researcher, thinker vs craftsman and visual designer. 

Launching a product as a designer, maker and founder

Launching a product as a designer, maker and founder

You might be thinking of starting a side project/startup/side hustle or your own business one day and this posts for you. And even if you aren’t, there are still invaluable lessons in today’s post on how to think like designer, along with practical know-how tips that you can use. I’ve found the best posts I’ve written are the ones where you can step into my mind and thought process so to speak. Just to peer over my shoulder and go “oh shit so that’s how you got from there to there”.